Dr. Y. Darmani - Assistant Professor

Phone: (98)21-84062223


Fax:      (98)21-88462486

EMail:  darmani(at-sign)

VC for Student Affairs

Dr. H. Roodaki Lavasani - Assistant Professor

Phone: (98)21-84062472

Fax:      (98)21-88462486

EMail:  hroodaki(at-sign)

VC for Research Affairs

Dr. A. Moosavi Nia - Associate Professor

Phone: (98)21-84062419

Fax:      (98)21-88462486

EMail:   moosavie(at-sign)

VC for Financial Affairs

Dr. S .sedighian kashi -Assistant Professor

Phone: (98)21-84062223

Fax:      (98)21-88462486

EMail:   sedighian(at-sign)

Head of Architecture and Network Groups

Mr. M. Dehyadegari - Assistant Professor

Phone: (98)21-84062450-406

 EMail:  Dehyadegari(at-sign)

Head of Artificial Intelligence and Software Groups

Mr. B. Nasihatkon - Assistant Professor

Phone: (98)21-84062450-402

EMail:   nasihatkon(at-sign)

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